E-TECH has developed e-Drive systems of high quality and efficiency in a range of 2kW tot 35kW.
Electric drives from E-TECH are constructed around a BLDC motor. These permanent magnet, brushless synchronous motors are most efficient, economical, silent and compact. Mounted in a seawater resistant and watertight aluminium casing.
This ensures a long life and minimal maintenance.
See the downloads for the various options and Technical specifications
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Steerable POD

Outboard POD

Inboard engines

Some advantages of the E-TECH drives:
E-TECH drives are constructed around the BLDC motor.
• Permanent magnet, brushless, synchronous, most efficient.
• Closed-circuit water cooling with Push-in connections. No loss of power due to overheating.
• Inboard engine have shaft endings on both ends of the engine to make an easy and quick in-line hybrid configuration.
• Through a BLUETOOTH connection with an android system the installer can easily connect with the controller. The installer can simply (re)program the controller (like engine speed limitations and more)
E-TECH electric drives (4kw and higher) are strong generators as well. In sailing boats under sail or in a hybrid set-up the turning E-TECH engine can charge the batteries.