FNM Marine diesel engines are a product from the CMD SpA company which is a dynamic, goal-oriented engineering enterprise offering a complete range of engineering design, prototyping & development services to diesel engine producers globally.Founded in 1991 by the Negri brothers, today the company is still family owned and operated and employs a staff of highly skilled research and development specialists.
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With more than two decades of experience in the design, development and production of innovative engineering solutions, FNM is seen and recognized as a specialist in boat propulsion (100HP-300HP) having tailored solutions and always making sure that all of a project´s requirements are individually and economically met so that the interests of its customers are best served.It’s a lot easier to enjoy yourself on the water and cruise with confidence when you can leave your worries on land. Validation starts at the ultra-modern Marine Technical and R&D Centre located in Atella, near the Bay of Naples in Italy and adjacent to the CMD machining centre.
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This 6,000 square meter advanced centre features CAD design facilities, on site rapid prototyping, engine test cells and houses a team of highly skilled engineers and specialists who lead our design, new product R&D, electronics and boat integration programs.These engineers are responsible for the design and development of the specific marinisation components such as manifolds, bell housings, and other custom parts as well as the development of the complex engine management strategies to provide outstanding performance with economy and longevity.
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The FNM plant operates to such high standards to ensure that customers have total confidence in the products. We can provide full technical report on each and every engine produced at our plant even 10 years after production. In addition, each individual engine passes a hot test on one of our brake stands.
FNM means power; power that is predictable and reliable. Power that responds quickly to your every command. Power that delivers the cruising speed, durability and fuel efficiency you expect from a world-class diesel.The FNM diesels are clean-running and virtually free of smoke. They’re quiet, too. Just right when you want to maximize your leisure time on the water. The engines are fully compliant with the European RCD emission standards.
In a society where our customers demand the ultimate solution – more efficiency, more durability, more reliability – and where on the other hand the world and the environment demand less – less emissions, less pollution, less waste – the FNM diesels seem to be the perfect solution for all needs and expectations
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