Tides Marine Spare Seal Carriers

Spare Seal Carriers
Product Overview

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Tides Marine Spare Seal Carriers were developed as a convenient place to store spare lip seals. Installed at the same time as the SureSeal®, these units allow lip seal replacement to be performed without uncoupling the shaft from the transmission and, if necessary, while the vessel is in the water (a haul-out may not be necessary).

The unit is a lightweight, two-piece fiber-filled nylon housing which is clamped to the shaft between the SureSeal® and transmission coupling. Available in both Standard and Metric sizes, units up to 1 3/4″(44mm) include one spare seal, 2″(51mm) and larger have two.

Installation Overview

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If you are in the process of installing a SureSeal® unit including spare seals,please go to step 4. If you are just installing spare seals begin at step 1.

1.Separate shaft and shaft coupling from the transmission.

2.Remove shaft from shaft coupling.

3.Clean entire shaft to the SureSeal® using 300 grit wet/dry sandpaper or emery cloth, working around the shaft. Slide shaft aft to allow the spare seal(s) to be placed over the end of the shaft.

4.Determine where the Spare Seal Carrier will be located on the shaft (minimally 1″ from the SureSeal®) and be certain there are no keyways, nicks or corrosion in this area that could damage the lip seal.

5.Separate the two halves of the carrier by removing the screws. Remove the spare lip seal(s).

6.Carefully press each spare seal on to the red seal protector “hat”. Ensure that the side of the lip seal with the “part number” stamped on it is against the ” brim” (larger diameter) of the “hat”. The side of the lip seal holding the stainless steel garter spring should be facing the narrow end of the cone.

7.Holding on to the “brim” end of the “hat”, slide the cone end of the “hat” over the end of the shaft to the spot on the shaft you have cleaned. Confirm that each spare seal is facing the same direction as the one in the SureSeal®.

8.Reconnect the shaft and shaft coupling. Make certain the shaft coupling is firmly secured to the transmission.

9.Remove the red seal protector “hat”. Separate the tabs to split the “hat” and remove it from the shaft.

10.Reassemble the Spare Seal Carrier housing over the lip seal(s) and around the shaft. The long shoulder should face away from the SureSeal®. Do not tighten.

11.Check to be sure the housing is at least 1″ from the SureSeal® and tighten the assembly screws. Properly installed, the Spare Seal Carrier should grip the shaft tightly and turn freely with it.

Before Ordering

To determine which part to order, look up your shaft diameter “A” in the table below, and find the corresponding part number. Confirm that there is sufficient clean smooth shaft space for locating the unit “B” and that there will be a minimum of 1/4″ clearance between the carrier “C” and any other part of the boat. Contact Tides Marine Engineering for custom or larger units.


– For a size with “KF” listed, the Spare Seal Carrier is for SURESEAL® units only.
– For a size with “K” listed, the Spare Seal Carrier is for BOTH STRONGSEAL® or SURESEAL® units.

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