PROS by Ditel Switchboard panels consist in a combination for panels of a 4 complementary sizes. The modular system is quick to assemble and easy to install on the available space. Moreover, this modular system allows for further extensions.
PROS by Ditel is an assembly of 3 groups:
Circuit breaker and instrumentation panels: are supplied with all the necessary components for their installation. The circuit breakers and meters are selected among a large range depending of amperage and input.Complete panels: are supplied in one unique piece with all the necessary components for their installation.Accessories: all the electrical components mounted on the panels can be purchased separately: LED’s, battery key switches, circuit breakers, selector switches, etc.
This what kind of materials are used to build the panels:Aluminium Plaques: Our modules plaques are made of ALPUR Aluminium, pure aluminium 4 mm REF 1050. It shows high resistance against atmospherical agents and has excellent deformation behaviour.Anodized Aluminium: Anodic process of ± 20 µm. Anodizing is an oxidation process based on the aluminium electrolysis. The resulting anodic coating is a constituent part of the aluminium and not an applied coating. It hardens the surface, makes it more abrasion resistant and improves the metal corrosion resistance.Paint and Serigraphy: The paint used for our panels is an acrylic type modified with Epoxy resin that allows drying at relatively low temperatures for this kind of paint (150-170ºC). This paint presents a good adherence, a high superficial hardness and a good impact resistance.