Bukh Diesel Engines

Quality from Denmark. That’s what you get when you choose a Bukh diesel engine. At Clouds we specialize in marine propulsion and propulsion and we want to provide you with only the best. Bukh diesel engines are made for a tough life at sea and can always be started manually in case of emergency. Clouds supplies the Bukh diesel engines DV 24, DV29 and DV 32. As well as the Bukh DV 36 and DV 48.More information about: BUKH or parts.

In addition, for the lifeboat sector the engines BUKH with SOLAS The special range of EPA engines with USCG approval. EPA28,EPA36 and EPA 48. BUKH High speed craft engines: BUKH R210, BUKH S270. The BUKH V8 is a very powerful lightweight engine available in a power of 350 to 500 HP

BUKH Parts: With a large stock of parts we can usually help you quickly. Parts are also available for the older models such as BUKH DV10, DV20.

Advantages of the specialist

In Bukh diesel engines, important parts are placed high on the engine. This makes them easily accessible and any bilge water can do no harm. The vital parts of the Bukh engine are also protected by an easy-to-change zinc anode. This gives galvanic corrosion no chance.

Another characteristic of Bukh’s diesel engines is the cooling system with thermostat, which means that the engines quickly reach the right temperature. The bypass valve ensures a constant temperature, which results in minimal engine wear and a long service life. With a Bukh diesel engine you can enjoy quality for a long time.

Bukh diesel engines and parts

Clouds supplies Bukh diesel engines, gearboxes, electrical systems and SOLAS parts. We have a large stock and can help you quickly and cheaply with the right materials. We also have our own Bukh workshop. Perfectly equipped for small and large repairs. Do you have questions about Bukh’s diesel engines or about specific parts? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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