If you require perfect maneuverability of your boat, along with a shallow draft, easy maintenance and reliability, we have the solution for you. Alamarin is a water jet propulsion system for ships used by authorities in several countries, including police, customs and coast guard . In addition, the water jet is also used by other professionals, such as rescue and offshore. It is very safe because the rotating parts of the engine not openly sit underwater. Hence, the waterjet Alamarin is also ideal for pleasure boating.Alamarin uses a patented electrical system for steering and speed control. For larger models, a hydraulic system control is used. Keeping your joy of sailing, combined with great precision. The water jet also responds well at low speed. Mooring is no problem with the Alamarin waterjet.Alamarin Waterjets are available as from vessels with 100 hp (73kW)engines upto 750 hp (550kW)
Go to the “Downloads”section for the specifications of the various types.Accelerate to full speed with the water jet is very simple: all functions are controlled by a single lever. A maneuverability to be jealous on!
Alamarin jets are made in Finland, and they have been 30 years on the market! The water jets are available in 9 different types.




Where the demands are high, Alamarin comes in the picture!

Alamarin-Jet Omega 42
The Omega serieswater jet line is the new range of high power, high trust jets which takes Alamarin-Jets range from “small”to “medium”sized water jets. The AJ Omega 42 is the first modelto be released, with a max input power of 2000HP and unique features such as the Dual Angle Shaft (DAS), Frame Integrated Bearing Structure (FIBS) and Modular Intake Geometry (MIG). The new jet range epitomises Alamarin-Jets dedication to user-focused, highly efficient and innovative design.

The Omega series pump design is based on the same foundations of Alamarin-Jets AJ245, AJ 285 and the AJ 340 pumps which have been proven to massively outperform the competitive products in their size range and above.

The Omega series promises high speed efficiency (55+ knots) while maintaining extremely high bollard pull and cavitation margins.

Alamarin-Jet SIGMA Controls

Alamarin-Jet SIGMA Control is an electro-hydraulic integrated drive-by-wire control system. It support installations from single to quadruple waterjest. The system is based on modular architecture and the level of system features depends on the modules integrated to the system based on the user requirements.

See the downloads page for more information

Alamarin-Jet Omega 4
Power max.:                                     1500kW/2040hp
Rpm max. :                                       2300 p/min
Max torque :                                     6.3kNm
Unit weight :                                     710kg
Max. diameter of impeller:            480mm
Entrained water:                              171 ltr
Materials:                                          Aluminum, high grade stainless steel, plastic1.
1. DIN-180/225 drive flange
2. Integrated hydraulic steering cylinder Sigma/conventional controls
3. Integrated hydraulic cylinders (2 pcs) for reverse deflector control, Sigma/conventional controls
4. Integrated hydraulic pump
5. Integrated hydraulic valve assembly for Sigma
6. Front Bearing oil reservoir
7. Integrated oil cooler for hydraulic system 
8. Inspection hatch with extension
9. Bulkhead connection area
10. Complete splash guard and protection for external parts