If you require perfect maneuverability of your boat, along with a shallow draft, easy maintenance and reliability, we have the solution for you. Alamarin is a water jet propulsion system for ships used by authorities in several countries, including police, customs and coast guard . In addition, the water jet is also used by other professionals, such as rescue and offshore. It is very safe because the rotating parts of the engine not openly sit underwater. Hence, the waterjet Alamarin is also ideal for pleasure boating.Alamarin uses a patented electrical system for steering and speed control. For larger models, a hydraulic system control is used. Keeping your joy of sailing, combined with great precision. The water jet also responds well at low speed. Mooring is no problem with the Alamarin waterjet.Alamarin Waterjets are available as from vessels with 100 hp (73kW)engines upto 750 hp (550kW)
Go to the “Downloads”section for the specifications of the various types.Accelerate to full speed with the water jet is very simple: all functions are controlled by a single lever. A maneuverability to be jealous on!
Alamarin jets are made in Finland, and they have been 30 years on the market! The water jets are available in 5 different types.

Where the demands are high, Alamarin comes in the picture!


Actuator Control Unit System

The Actuator Control Unit System or ACU System is a modular propulsion control system designed to be adaptable for multiple configurations with simple selection of modular components.
The ACU system can be used to control the waterjet deflector(s), waterjet steering, as well as engine throttle and gearbox engagement.
The main unit in the system is the ACU itself. The ACU is a controller box which can be connected to 3 different actuators depending on its role within the overall system.
The ACU can accept a analogue voltage signal (typically 0-5v), a CAN signal, or a mechanical input from morse cable via the built in potentiometer.
The ACU can be configured via the integrated button and ‘traffic light’ LED’s.

See the downloads page for more information

Alamarin-Jet 340
AJ340_LowRes_JETTI25023 1Power max.:                                     550kW/750hp
Rpm max. :                                       3600 1/min
Vessel displacement max. :           6,5t (single jet, planing)
Unit weight :                                     245kg
Max.                                                    diameter of impeller:338mm
Entrained water:                             76 l
Materials:                                          Aluminum, high grade stainless steel, plastic1. Reverse deflector hydraulic cylinder connection. Standard 33C cable fitting.
2. Input flange DIN-150. Adapter plates available for different intermediate shaft configurations.
3. Steering lever to be connected to steering system. Assembled on the shaft with taper lock flexible position.
4. Inspection hatch. Extension collar available.
5. Integrated oil cooler for reverse deflector hydraulic system.
6. Integrated oil pump for reverse deflector control.
7. Oil lubricated front bearing carrying all axial and radial loads. Cutless bearing in the rear end.
8. Conical impeller duct with stainless steel liner.