Marine & Recreational Vehicle Gas Detection / Shut off Systems

Sirius Multiple Detector Protection System – SMDPS

sirius1The Sirius Multiple Detector Protection System has been developed specifically for the Recreational Vehicle and Marine Vessel markets and offers a flexible gas detection and shut off system powered by 12v DC. The system consists of a Control Panel and upto 3 detectors – available to detect LPG, Natural Gas, Ether or Carbon Monoxide and an optional gas supply shut off valve. When the gas concentration reaches the pre-set alarm level the system produces both visual and audible alarms and shuts off the gas valve to prevent any further build-up of gas. The detectors are all supplied with 5 metres of cable. Each detector has a test button to test the circuit. An individual detector can be unclipped and changed very easily without needing to re-wire the system. If a detector is accidently disconnected the system will enter alarm mode to warn the user. IP54 rated

Part code Description
GD-1100 Control Panel with Single Detector
GD-1200 Control Panel with 2 Detectors
GD-1210 Control Panel with 2 Detectors & Shut Off Valve
GD-2010 IP67  Rated Gas Shut off Valve
GD-2100 LPG detector only
GD-2001 CO Detector only

Detectors are offered as standard in the Marine Vessel MDPS



The IP67 rated valve uses Zero Power in its normalstate and isactivated upon an alarm by a 12v DC “cycling pulse” from the Control Panel to ensure closure within less than 30 seconds. The valve has a 15mm internal orifice to ensure the valve does not cause a pressure drop to the system when in normal use, (A gas flow restriction in the supply pipe can cause combustion problems).