Separ Filters


Water and dirt can cause serious damage to polished parts of fuelpumps and injectors.
This is mainly caused by silt, water (condensation) and rust.
Separ filters separate up to 99,8% of these parts as from 30 microns.


1) After entering the inlet(s) the 1st vane system spins the diesel fuel in a circular motion, generating centrifugal force.
2) In the bowl, fuel continues to spin – separating water and heavier particulates, through centrifugal force.
3) A 2nd vane system than forces the fuel to spin in a different direction – separating smaller water droplets and finer particulates.
4) A wider pasage, just below the element, slows down fuel to allow more contaminants to settle into the bowl.
5) Finally, the element filters finer particulates out of the fuel before exiting through the outlet(s)
Dimensions (wxdxh) :

SWK 2000/5 single 140×92,5x258mm
SWK 2000/5/U manual duplex 440x160x298mm
SWK 2000/10 single 146x107x328mm
SWK 2000/10/U manual duplex 460x194x378mm

Alternativemodels :

SWK 2000/…/50 : with bigger filter
Glas with heatshield (RINA-versie)
Glas with sensors for level gauge
Glas with heatshield (RINA-versie) & sensors for level gauge
Metal reservoir
Metal reservoirwith sensors for level gauge
Filterheating (12v & 24v)

 RACOR replacement filters are available from stock: 2010PM, R12P, R15P, R20P en S3208P.

Separ filter