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Propeller shafts
We can provide propeller shafts from Ø 25mm to Ø 90mm with maximum lenght of 6 meters worked on both sides or only propeller side complete of keys.
Material C45 , Stainless steel 316, or AISI630/V174
Price on application.

Available in various types and sizes 2-, 3- or 4-blades
Based on the size of your ship, the engine en gear box we can calculate the optimum propeller size for your ship and make you an offer.

Rubber bearings for shaft and rudderaxle
Our bearings are fitted with a nitrile rubber of special composition.
Extremely durable, chemical and oil resistant.
The interior is shaped in such a way that there a layer of water is built up between the shaft and the bearing, even if the shaft makes few revolutions.
Available in various sizes (metric / metric and metric / inch)

We offer a range of flanges for eacht type and model of gear box and with special cone (example 1:12 and 1:16). All clamp coupling flanges are subject to a galvanic treatment and standard material is used is steel C45.

Bimetallic noses, hexagonal type
For propeller shafts from Ø 25mm to Ø 90mm.
Corrosion resistant Brass nut with replaceable zinc anode

Shaft seal with grease tank
For ships operation in areas with a very low temperature.

Shaft seal “Stuffy box”
Can be used on any vessel that has a propeller shaft and is easy to assemble. The rubber stuffy box provides a versatile and long-lasting insulation, with a reduced maintenance’s need. We have two versions of teh standard model and the new EVO with the spout of water lubrication, both models are equipped with cable ties in stainless steel and a pack od special grease. Ideal of the space is limited.
 stuffy-box_std stuffy_box_evo

Rope cutters
Material Stainless steel AISI316
Two type : one- or two-piece
For propeller shafts from Ø 25mm to Ø 50mmFor further details see section:VARIOUS PARTS