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The MarineDiesel VGT engines are today manufactured by BUKH Denmark. The Engines are now in the market under the name BUKH V8.

In 1997 Marinediesel Sweden developed the first true direct replacement diesel for gasoline/petrol V8 marine I/O or inboard engines as well as one of the most durable yet lightweight commercial engines on the market. This model was and is based on the GM 6.5L V8 diesel engine, that was renamed to Optimizer 6500 when it was taken over by GEP in 1999, the base engine has one of the most impressive commercial and military histories of all engines and is used in the military Humvee and Hummer H1 to mention a few. By 2010 Marinediesel released the new VGT seies based on the GM 6.6L Duramax engine in power range from 350-500hp.

BUKH VGT