Boat stabilizers

Boat stabilizers are ingenious systems that automatically increase comfort and safety on your ship. By controlling the roll of your ship, it helps improve the quality of journeys.

How does it work?

The useful element inside the giro stabilizers is the gyroscope. A gyroscope is a rotation symmetrical mass which can rotate around its axis.. The rapidly spinning gyroscope will resist opposing changes of direction against the axis. The roll of the boat both under power and at anchor is therefore dramatically reduced due to the gyroscope, and your ship therefore stabilized. This innovative technology has no elements sticking out into the water, which makes it more simple, yet more effective. Clouds International B.V. Lopik offers a series of five different types, suitable for boats of different sizes and weights.

Benefits of boat stabilizers

The use of our giro boat stabilizers instead of another system has a number of benefits:

  • No elements sticking out in the water
  • Low electric consumption level
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Require little maintenance
  • Increased safety and comfort

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