Alamarin system

If you desire perfect agility for your boat, alongside simple maintenance and a feeling of security, we have the perfect solution. Alamarin is a simple and robust water jet propulsion system for boats.

How does it work?

Alamarin is used by authorities such as police, customs and coast guards in many countries. The Alamarin water jet is also used by many other professional institutians such as rescue services and offshore. It is extremely safe, because the rotating parts of the engine are not accessible in the water, but covered up. Alamarin uses a patented electrical system for control over speed and agility. For larger boats, we make use of hydraulic control.


The Alamarin water jet system has a number of benefits over other systems:

  • Safe due to unexposed engine parts
  • Control over agility and speed
  • Fantastic precision
  • Quick acceleration
  • Easy control

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