Afbeelding impeller met pakkingAn impeller is needed in order to make your pump functioning.
We supply impellers for almost all seawater cooling water pumps for marine engines.Just give us the type of engine and we can tell you the type of impeller, gasket etc.Also available are the  gaskets, wear plates, cams and lids.On the download section you will find the images and the dimensions of the entire range.Neoprene is suitable for water and non-oil fluids.
For coolant and oil liquids you should use nitrile impellers.We can also, if desired, offer you the shafts, bearings and seals.

Please contact us if you do not know what type of impeller is being applied to your engine.

We also sell complete impeller-/seawaterpumps for alsmost all types of marine dieselengines. Price on application.


Box with most used impellers and gaskets. Price on application