Gas cookers & Ceramic hobs

 Gas cookers

4500 & 5000 Series

Both ranges of cookers and hobs have been designed to meet the needs of the boating and leisure industries. All models can be supplied for use on either butane or propane gas, for most European countries. There are 2 ranges the mid-sized 3000 range and the compact 2500 range which includes the market leading Neptune cooker.

Both series are modular in design allowing for a range of hob, grill and oven combinations according to your needs.

• All hob spillage trays are made from stainless steel.
• Reliable and proven hob burners
• Ovens are vitreous enamelled for ease of cleaning.
• Stainless steel facia and oven doors
• Oven doors have toughened glass window
• Electric spark ignition fitted to all burners on certain models
• All units can be gimballed. Gimbal and sea rail provided dependant on model

Code Description
60102 Neptune 5000 3-burner & oven & grill
60103 Neptune 5000 2-burner & oven & grill
60104 Pacific 5000 3-burner & oven
60105 Pacific 5000 2-burner & oven
60106 Neptune 5000 3-burner & grill
60108 Neptune 4500 2-burner & oven & grill
60109 Pacific 4500 2-burner & oven
60110 Neptune 4500 2-burner & grill
60111 Gulf 4500 2-burner

See download section for specifications & dimensions

Parts for older models of Plastimo cookers can also be ordered through us.
Please state type of cooker and serial number.

Ceramic Hobs

We offer a range of stylish ceramic hobs which are easy to use, reliable and very easy to clean. They have been extensively used within the marine industry for many years. The range includes both rotary and touch controlled units and are available from 1 to 5 heating zones.

Ceramic hobs
Code Description
49463 2 zone – rotary control
50360 2 zones touch control
50364 3 zones – touch control
50366 4 zone – touch control
49464 4 zones – touch control

See download section for specifications & dimensions

If (shore) power supply is limited you can still use your ceramic hob by just using 1 or 2 zones at the same time.

Ceramic Grill

• 505 x 295 x 70 mm
• Max. Heat input 1.3 kW
• 1 × 1300W
• Cook directly onto the glass
• Built in spillage tray to contain any grease & fat
• Stainless steel surround

Part number: 60112

The IP67 rated valve uses Zero Power in its normalstate and isactivated upon an alarm by a 12v DC “cycling pulse” from the Control Panel if connected to a SIRIUS gas detection system, to ensure closure within less than 30 seconds. The valve has a 15mm internal orifice to ensure the valve does not cause a pressure drop to the system when in normal use, (A gas flow restriction in the supply pipe can cause combustion problems).

Induction Hobs

We have introduced a new range of stylish induction hobs to compliment our ceramic hobs. Not only do they have the same easy of use, reliable and are very easy to clean. They make use of induction cooking which is faster, more energy efficient and safer to use than a conventional electric hob.

3 Zone Induction Hob

  • 510 x 462 x 62 mm
  • Nominal voltage 220-240V
  • Operating frequency 50-60Hz
  • Energy efficient optimized
  • Total power 5.2 kW
  • Booster max. power 2000 W
  • 145 mm diameter hobs : 2 × 1200 W (with power boost to 1600 W)
  • 210 mm diameter hob : 1 x 1500 W (with power boost to 2000 W)
  • 0.5 W standby energy compliance
  • Safety lock function
Induction hobs
Partnr.. Type
50363 3 Zone Induction Hob
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