The HydroAxe Rope Cutter is a slicing type cutter for sailing yachts.

Made In Britain and developed for Saildrive applications the HydroAxe Rope Cutter will protect propellers from rope, nets, weed and other debris from fouling the propeller potentially causing expensive damage to your Saildrive or propeller. The best protection for your vessel!

The advanced locking system used on the HydroAxe ensures that no modifications are needed to your propeller no matter what propeller type fitted! The HydroAxe is compatible with low drag and fixed propellers including FeatherStream propellers, Flexofold propellers, Kiwi propellers, Bruntons Autoprop propellers, Gori propellers, Volvo folding propellers, Fixed propellers and Max-Prop Classic models.  Fitment is simple with no specialist tools needed for installation.

The HydroAxe is currently available for Yanmar SD20/SD25/SD31/SD40/SD50/SD60 and Volvo Penta 120S/MS25/130S/150S Saildrive models.