Why an anode ?
In sea water aboat is subjected to substantial corrosive effects, duet o electrolytic phenomena. These electric currents that cause them are generated by diffrences in potential between the metal parts (propeller, propeller shaft, bracket, rudder mainpiece, skin fitting, aluminium hull) and the environment i.e. the sea. The result of these phenomena is a destruction of the metal parts as there is loss of material.
To protect these parts, one or several metal elements are installed whose purpose is tob e destroyed instead of the boat. These elements are the anodes. The alloy used contains 99.996% zinc. It is environment friendly. Thanks to the negative potential of zinc the anode will be attacked instead of the other metal parts that are in contact with the water. As a result they need tob e periodically replaced so that this protection remains efficient.
For boats sailing in inland-/freshwater we recommend magnesium anodes. For boats sailing on lakes with low salt contents we recommend aluminium anodes.Rapid wear (less than 3 months) is worrying. Check if there is no electrical leakage on the boat.
If your anodes are not playing there roll, they might not be screwed on properly, therefore, the contact with the concerned part is not insured (anodes loose, bad fastenings, dirt or paint in between.)
Never paint an anode, or its location.

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